Don’t Let Allegations Of An Online Crime Affect Your Future

In today’s digital age, economic crimes like fraud are increasingly taking place over the internet. Many of these cases involve interstate commerce and information exchange. This means your case may fall under federal jurisdiction, something that often leads to increased penalties upon conviction.

If you are charged with a computer or internet crime, you need to completely understand the legal implications of that charge and know how to fight back. At the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, I offer experienced legal counsel in challenging cases of:

  • Phishing
  • Accessing stored communications (hacking)
  • Fraud
  • Identity theft

Many internet crimes fall outside of the white collar crime classification. I also handle complex computer crime cases that involve:

  • Storing, producing or distributing sexual imagery of children (child pornography)
  • Soliciting sex or coercing an individual to engage in prostitution over the internet
  • Using the internet to violate drug trafficking laws
  • Illegal gambling

Did Police Have The Right To Search My Computer?

Law enforcement must carefully follow search and seizure protocol when investigating internet crimes. They must have a warrant, or have probable cause that a crime has taken place. Not all searches are performed in accordance with the law. If your property was illegally searched, I may be able to pursue suppressed evidence, reduced charges, reduced sentences, alternative sentencing or dropped charges altogether.

Internet-Related Criminal Charges Require Skilled Legal Advice

Every case is different and will require an in-depth analysis, but you can learn more about your options by contacting our office and arranging a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney. From my office in Overland Park, I handle cases in the Kansas City metro area and statewide throughout Kansas. Reach me online or by telephone at 913-826-6229 (toll free at 913-826-6229) for more information and to request a free consultation.