Answers To Frequently Asked Criminal Drug Charge Questions

Here in Kansas, there is no doubt that drug charges can lead to extremely serious consequences. If you are facing drug charges, contact my law firm, the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, in Overland Park today. By calling 913-826-6229 to schedule a free consultation, you can find answers to questions like:

1. I hear a lot about states relaxing marijuana and other drug laws. What is the situation in Kansas?

While some states like neighboring Colorado have decriminalized marijuana possession, this is certainly not the case here. Medical marijuana also remains illegal in Kansas.

2. Do police need probable cause to pull me over?

If you were arrested on a drug charge due to a traffic stop, as your attorney, I can examine whether police should have stopped you in the first place. That is why it is important to seek legal representation before answering any questions.

3. I do not remember seeing a search warrant when police seized alleged evidence from me.

Again, this is why it is critical to speak with an experienced lawyer like me. If police illegally seize evidence, I can keep it from being used against you in court.

4. I have a valid prescription for the drugs that police took. Do I have options?

Sometimes, people are arrested on prescription drug charges due to simple mistakes. As your attorney, I can fight to prove that the medicine seized belonged to you and that you were taking it as prescribed.

5. What is at stake if I am convicted on any drug crime charge?

Here in Kansas, drug crime prosecutions can lead to lengthy prison sentences, steep fines, probation and asset forfeitures. In addition, your reputation will be affected, preventing you from finding work and housing or harming your chances at gaining college admission.

6. What does it take to be charged with possession with intent to distribute?

Many times, if police seize a certain amount of drugs from you, they may assume that it is not only for personal use. Intent to distribute can lead to much more serious consequences than a simple possession charge, which is another reason why it is important to contact me before answering any questions.

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