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Are you confronted with a revocation of your probation or diversion? Do not attend this hearing alone. You face the possibility of serving jail time and having your original sentence reinstated. Talk with an attorney immediately. An experienced attorney can help mitigate the damages.

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There are many reasons your probation or diversion is being revoked:

  • You have been arrested or convicted of a new offense.
  • You missed a meeting with your probation/diversion officer.
  • You failed an alcohol or drug test.
  • You moved and failed to notify your probation/diversion officer.
  • You violated your probation in some other way.

Revocation Of Probation

If you violate the terms of your probation agreement, your original sentence will be reinstated. For example, if you were sentenced three years, and your sentence was stayed for a probationary period, and you violate the terms of your probation agreement, you will be going to prison for three years.

Revocation Of Diversion

If you violate terms of your diversion agreement, you will get sentenced for the crime you were found guilty of.

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