Experienced Internet Crime Defense: There Must Be Reasonable Doubt

More and more clients come to the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, in Overland Park needing to be defended against criminal charges of internet solicitation. The police continue to increase the resources they devote to this area and have developed a unit dedicated just to manage internet solicitation matters.

Like a child pornography offense, these charges carry serious ramifications, not just for my clients, but for their families as well. Aside from these considerations, these sex charges also carry a possible jail sentence.

Many clients are also concerned about the requirement to register with the sex offender registry. This could depend on whether the client is being charged with the solicitation of a minor or an adult.

Internet Prostitution Defense Attorney

My clients confidently rely on me to protect them because they know I have years of experience as a lawyer in federal and state criminal matters. I can provide them with the benefit of my experienced legal judgment even in high-stress situations.

I also provide them with the knowledge that they have someone in their corner, fighting hard on their behalf to protect their rights and ensure that their voices are heard by the federal justice system. My clients know they have rights, and they know that I have fought for clients’ rights all the way to trial.

Our Attorney Can Build A Strong Defense And Help Get Results

I can explain the law as it pertains to internet crimes. To schedule a free appointment with me at my Kansas law practice, please call me at 913-826-6229. You can also contact me online.