Committed To Defending Your Rights In Domestic Abuse Cases

Have you been charged with violating a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA)? In Kansas, a PFA is a civil order that limits contact with an alleged domestic abuse victim. It is similar to a restraining order and is in effect for one year. Violating a PFA is a criminal charge with severe consequences. You will be facing jail time as well as lasting social repercussions such as difficulty in obtaining employment, termination of employment, and a tarnished reputation.

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It is important to fight an order from the beginning to make sure that the conditions in the order do not limit your ability to work, and to be sure you can have a normal life. I am able to handle your defense against the issuance of a PFA. I am also able to defend any domestic battery or criminal domestic violence charges that are brought against you.

Domestic Violence And Child Custody

Accusations and allegations of domestic violence will hurt you in a divorce, especially in relation to child custody and visitation. As a lawyer who focuses on family law and criminal defense, I have experience in representing clients who have domestic violence issues related to a divorce — either as a victim of violence or as someone who has been accused of violence. It is my goal to deal with these charges and prevent future issues from harming your time with your children.

Ask A Lawyer Who Knows Both Sides Of The Law For Guidance

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