Aggressive Advocacy For Checkpoint Arrests

Interstates are major byways for interstate commerce, and law enforcement knows they are the prime location for major drug dealing to take place. In an effort to catch drug traffickers in the act, drug task forces in Kansas and across the U.S. often employ drug checkpoints on major interstates such as I-35 and I-70.

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Search And Seizure At Checkpoints On I-70

The drug checkpoints that law enforcement uses are not necessarily real checkpoints — they merely create the illusion of a checkpoint. In Kansas, signs on I-70 may notify people of “drug checkpoints ahead.” Flashing lights make drivers think there are officers pulling everyone over.

In reality, officers are often waiting to see who exits to avoid the checkpoint. They then pull those individuals over and search vehicles. This begs the question, “Did police have a right to search my car?”

Defending Your Rights

If illegal search and seizure or a lack of probable cause was at play in your case, I will make sure it comes to light to help suppress evidence against you. When you work with me, I will inform you of your rights and the legal process ahead. I work closely with my clients to investigate every detail of the case and ensure every opportunity for defense is explored. As a seasoned trial attorney, I offer persuasive and persistent defense arguments that can stand up in federal court.

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