Defense For An Assault On A Police Officer

Any assault accusation can result in serious legal trouble. If the accusation involves assaulting a police officer, however, there may be elevated consequences in the event of conviction.

If you have been accused of assault on a police officer in Overland Park or surrounding areas of Kansas, you are likely going to be fighting an uphill battle against law enforcement and prosecutors. These are serious cases that require experienced criminal defense counsel — an attorney who can handle both misdemeanor and felony cases with confidence.

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Do The Facts Reflect What Constitutes An Assault Charge?

Today’s criminal justice system is particularly adversarial, with citizen rights often jeopardized. The arrest process alone can easily leave citizens feeling threatened, and any amount of push back against a police officer can be misconstrued as a threat. That does not mean the accused actually posed a threat to police.

Assault against an officer requires that:

  • A person knowingly makes the officer believe he or she is in danger of harm. Even if the police officer felt threatened, assault requires you, the accused, knew he or she would feel threatened.
  • A person can reasonably be seen as able to carry out harm against an officer. Assault requires that you, the accused, could potentially harm the officer.

Assault may also involve a battery charge if offensive physical contact was carried out. If a deadly weapon was involved, which could be anything from a handgun to a blunt object to a vehicle, you may end up facing an assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Charges may be classified as misdemeanor or felony offenses depending upon the severity of bodily injury, existing criminal record and other details. Everything hinges on the specific details of your case.

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