Answers To Top Sex Charge Questions

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1. Will I be a registered sex offender for life if I am convicted?

Depending on the crime, it is a possibility, and it is incredibly difficult to remove your name from the registry. That is why it is so important to work with an attorney who knows the system and can help you pursue a favorable outcome.

2. People keep asking me about the case. Should I answer any questions?

Under no circumstances should you discuss your case with anyone but your lawyer. Law enforcement will use your words against you, even if you do not incriminate yourself. They may also attempt to get people who you know to discuss the case with them. It is important that you exercise your right to remain silent.

3. How can I make sure I receive fair treatment by the legal system?

In these emotionally charged sex crime cases, it is important to have legal representation who can work quickly to resolve the charges before your reputation is ruined. With a law enforcement background, I know how to protect your legal rights.

4. The person who I had consensual sex with lied to me about her age. What can I do?

In Kansas, if you have intercourse with anyone younger than 16, then you will likely be charged with statutory rape, even if the alleged victim lied. It is important to obtain legal representation quickly. I can get out in front of the charges by making sure law enforcement knows your side of the story.

5. I did not have sex with my accuser, but the police say they have DNA evidence. What can you do?

I have deep knowledge of the DNA testing process and can find loopholes in the prosecution’s evidence. This can be crucial in getting your charges reduced or dismissed.

6. What is Jessica’s Law?

In Kansas, if you are convicted of a sex crime where the accuser is younger than 14 years, you could be sentenced to life imprisonment, even for a first offense. This makes legal representation critical to protecting your freedom.

7. I was accused of lewd and lascivious behavior but my alleged actions had no sexual intent. Will I be found guilty?

Intended sexual gratification is the key factor defining this crime. If you had no such intent, your defense attorney can help prepare you to make your case at a hearing or trial. A vigorous, fact-based defense certainly matters.

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