If You Are Accused Of Aggravated Battery

When my clients have been charged with aggravated battery, I provide them with the open and honest legal advice they need to best understand their situations. These charges involve accusations that my client has done bodily harm to somebody. This harm must also be considered permanent.

What surprises my clients, however, is how minor the permanent injury can be and still support a charge of aggravated battery. For instance, if the injury leaves a tiny scar or is even just a cracked tooth, the state then contends it as bodily harm, and my client can be charged with aggravated battery.

A charge of aggravated battery means my client could be facing several years of prison time. Several years of lost time with family, and of lost freedom, means that my clients deserve someone in their corner, someone aggressive, who will fight hard to protect their rights and make their voices heard in our justice system. I can be that attorney for you.

Aggravated Battery Defense Lawyer: Serving Overland Park And All Surrounding Communities

At the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, in Overland Park, I have the proven experience that my clients need to see when they are deciding on which attorney to hire. I provide all of my clients with wire-to-wire representation. In doing so, I have taken countless assault and battery cases all the way to trial for my clients. I also defend offenses made on officers of the law.

I understand how the other side thinks. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I interned with the St. Louis Metropolitan Sex Crimes Unit. As an attorney, I also served as chief counsel at a well-respected school district.

I also provide clients with my direct cellphone number. That way, they can call me immediately when they realize they need professional advice from an experienced lawyer.

Arrested With An Aggravated Battery Charge? Learn About Defense Strategies.

If charged with aggravated battery, you’ll want to discuss your case with a skilled defender as soon as possible. To schedule a free confidential consultation, phone 913-826-6229 or send me an email.