Juvenile Arrests Can Impact Everyone In The Family

If your child is accused of committing a crime, you may be worried about what will happen next. Will they be tried as an adult? Will they be put in a treatment center or juvenile detention center? Will they be expelled from school? I understand that you are concerned about your child, and as a former educator and lawyer who handled all due process hearings for a well-respected school district, it can be a terrifying experience for both the parent and child. While I can never guarantee a specific result in any case, I will strive to protect an accused child’s constitutional rights.

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Juvenile Justice System Fundamentals

The goal of juvenile law is to rehabilitate the child if they are found to have violated the law. The other goal of juvenile law is to punish a child who has violated the law. In Kansas, depending on a number of factors, it is possible the prosecutor will request the child be tried as an adult. At the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, I will represent children in all juvenile matters, including but not limited to:

Thinking About The Future

Many children do not realize the impact the decisions they make now will have on their future. I will work with children and their parents to help achieve the best result based on the facts and circumstances of the case. The consequences of a child’s actions today can have a large influence on their life down the road. I have a background working with children, and I am able to relate to them while helping families facing criminal justice situations.

Committed To Helping Young People Face Legal Challenges

Understanding how the juvenile system works is crucial to the success of a good defense. I used to be chief of the due processing hearings at a well-respected school district, so I know how the process works. I will aggressively defend a child accused of violating the law or school policy. I understand the importance of education. I will represent children at due process hearings.

Fighting For Children’s Rights In The Criminal Justice System — Contact A Knowledgeable Advocate

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