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Have you been charged with intent to distribute marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines or prescription drugs such as Vicodin or OxyContin? The consequences of an intent to distribute charge are severe. If you are being investigated for drug distribution or other drug offenses, don’t talk to law enforcement, volunteer evidence or consent to a search of your person, home or car, until you speak with a lawyer. Protect your freedom and your reputation with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense.

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I represent individuals who have been accused of any state or federal drug crimes or possession charges for all types of illegal drugs or narcotics. Understanding why you are being charged and how the evidence was obtained are the keys to putting together an aggressive defense. In my thorough investigation, I will find answers to the following pertinent questions:

  • Was the warrant valid? Did law enforcement have the right to search you, your vehicle or your home? Were the circumstances behind the arrest legitimate?
  • Where were the drugs? What amount of drugs did you allegedly have in your possession?
  • Was it your intent to distribute the drugs or use them for your personal use? Did you even know about the drugs?
  • Did law enforcement have a valid reason to obtain a wiretap on your phone?

Not only does an intent to distribute conviction carry a prison sentence, but can also have a lasting effect on obtaining employment, result in termination of employment and ruin a person’s reputation. You face sentencing enhancements (more prison time) if you are charged with intent to distribute cocaine, heroin, meth or prescription pills like OxyContin.

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