Growing Marijuana Is A Serious Offense

Drug cultivation charges involve serious prison time. Clients come to the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, in Overland Park, Kansas, because they want aggressive protection of their rights and legal representation who will fight on their behalf all the way through trial.

Drug cultivation charges are extraordinarily serious. Not only do they carry prison time, but they are also ineligible for diversion! Even worse, your conviction for drug cultivation can also lead to federal charges being brought against you.

These consequences simply shock many clients who realize very quickly that a drug cultivation charge definitely means they want an attorney on their side who is willing to fight aggressively to defend their rights. I have fought hard for my clients all the way to trial. I can do the same for you.

Charged With Marijuana Cultivation?

In defending clients facing drug cultivation charges, I understand the complications that can arise and how to defend my clients against them. For instance, I regularly represent clients charged with cultivating marijuana. These seemingly straightforward charges, however, can become very complicated when other drugs such as PCP or cocaine are also laced into the marijuana and used to chemically process the marijuana. At that point, my client could also face PCP charges and cocaine-related charges.

My clients know that I can provide them with knowledgeable legal advice. I have insights into how the other side thinks. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I interned with the St. Louis Metropolitan Sex Crimes Unit. As an attorney, I also served as chief counsel at a well-respected school district.

When retained by my clients, I provide them all with my direct cellphone number. Accessibility to my clients when they need me is a hallmark of my law practice.

If You Are Arrested For Growing A Controlled Substance, You Need Aggressive Defense

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