Diligent Representation For Drug Charges

If you are convicted of any state or federal drug charge, the ramifications can affect the rest of your life. You may have problems obtaining a job or school loans, and you could be facing prison or jail time. Working with an aggressive lawyer who will protect your rights can help.

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I will represent individuals who have been accused of any state or federal drug crimes or possession charges for a variety of drugs, including marijuana, methamphetamine (meth), cocaine, crack, prescription medication, and any other illegal drugs or narcotics.

Drug Trafficking

  • Where were the drugs? How many drugs did you allegedly have in your possession? Did you even know about the drugs?

Understanding why you are being charged and how the evidence was obtained are key factors to putting together an aggressive defense. I will work hard to determine whether the evidence against my clients was possibly obtained by an illegal search and seizure, and defend their constitutional rights. I will work hard to defend my clients’ rights, whether that means taking their case to trial, resolving the case through plea negotiations or possibly having the charges dismissed. I can never guarantee what will occur in any particular case, but I will strive to tell my client’s side of the story.

Drug Possession

  • What is the quantity of drugs in possession? Was there paraphernalia? Did the police have a right to search you?

A drug possession conviction can have a lasting effect on obtaining employment, result in termination of employment and ruin a person’s reputation. Contact me to schedule an appointment for a free consultation of your case.

Drug Manufacturing

  • Was the warrant valid? Did the police have the right to search you, your vehicle and your home? Were the circumstances behind the arrest legitimate?

Drug manufacturing is a serious charge and any accused person needs an aggressive attorney to protect his or her rights. In recent years, laws have been passed requiring businesses to record certain purchases of “behind the counter” cold medications. If an individual purchases too many of these cold medications, he or she may be investigated or even charged with drug manufacturing. People may have a valid reason for the purchases, and my office will help tell their side of the story. While I cannot guarantee the results of any case, I will protect an accused individual’s constitutional rights.

Having somebody who knows an accused person’s constitutional rights is the key to receiving effective representation. I will aggressively represent an individual so his or her side of the story can be heard.

Prescription Drugs Offenses

  • Were your personal medications properly labeled? Was the reason for the medication not being labeled because it was given as a sample from your doctor? Are you in possession of narcotics that are not yours? Was there probable cause for the police to search? Was there even a crime?

If you have been charged with a drug offense involving prescription drugs, working with an attorney can help protect your rights in and around Kansas City. If you were charged with the misuse or sale of prescription drugs, contact my office for a free initial consultation.

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