Understanding Kansas Sentencing Guidelines

My clients often come to my Overland Park law firm, the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, not understanding the dangers they actually face. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I can help them understand that criminal defense cases are not simply about guilty or not guilty verdicts. Kansas law provides a confusing variety of potential restrictions on clients’ rights depending on a broad range of factors. I regularly guide clients through these different possibilities so they can make intelligent decisions about their situations.

How The Level Of Your Charge Is Rated

I help clients understand their circumstances in criminal matters by helping them know where their case fits within these guidelines. For instance, under the numbered guidelines, the state determines what level of charges you are facing. This scale goes from one to 10. The number “10,” for instance, is reserved for the least severe charges such as felony obstruction. The highest number, one, is used for the most serious charges, including murder and rape.

The sentencing guidelines fall under a lettered system of guidelines ranging from “A” to “I.” The letter “I” refers to the category of the least sentence possible as a result of no criminal history. “A,” however, the most serious sentencing category, could refer to the heightened sentencing you face as the result of having a criminal record that includes, for instance, three or more felonies.

Click here to see the 2012 Sentencing Guidelines.

My legal judgment can make the difference for you in these situations. I understand the situations in which judges may follow or not follow these guidelines, including the differences between mandatory sentencing and minimum sentencing standards. I also understand the arguments that judges may find most persuasive in these situations. My years of experience mean that I understand how to approach prosecutors and advocate on your behalf as well.

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