Felony Drug Charges Can Have Lifetime Consequences

The Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, in Overland Park, Kansas, provides legal defenses to clients facing arrest charges for anything across the board related to cocaine, prescription drugs and methamphetamines. I know my clients are looking for an attorney to aggressively fight to protect their rights. I am that attorney.

Defense Of Cocaine, Meth And Prescription Drug Offenses

Under the sentencing guidelines, these charges are treated as level two or three felonies. Currently, there is a particular push to make these charges with respect to cocaine, meth, prescription drug crimes and angel dust.

These charges are particularly serious. Not only does conviction mean prison time, but also means the possibility of federal charges being brought against you. Further, these charges are not eligible for the diversion program.

My clients know that I can provide them with the sound legal advice they need to protect their rights because I have insights into how the other side thinks. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I interned with the St. Louis Metropolitan Sex Crimes Unit. As an attorney, I also served as chief counsel at a well-respected school district.

When retained by my clients charged with drug crimes, I provide them all with my direct cellphone number. This high quality of client access is a hallmark of my law practice.

Stalwart Defense Following Harsh Felony Drug Arrests

If you are arrested on felony drug charges, you need a professional in your corner. To request a free consultation, call 913-826-6229 or reach me with this online email request form. Don’t delay; call to find out your legal options at this uncertain time.