Diligent Advocacy In Drug Conspiracy Cases

Have you been charged with drug conspiracy? The consequences of any drug charge are severe. You will be facing prison time as well as lasting social repercussions such as difficulty in obtaining employment, termination of employment and a tarnished reputation. If you are being investigated for drug conspiracy or other drug offenses, it is imperative that you speak with a lawyer before you make a statement to law enforcement. Protect your freedom and your reputation with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense.

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In order to be convicted of being involved in a drug conspiracy, the prosecution only needs to show that there was an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime and one of those people committed a crime. It is possible to be involved in a conspiracy without having agreed to its purposes or even being aware of its objectives. It boils down to any participation. Even if you only discussed and did nothing, you can still be charged with a drug crime, including:

Many times, people are implicated through the use of wiretaps, also known as phone taps. There are specific laws that law enforcement has to follow when using wiretaps. I defend my clients’ constitutional right to privacy and will work hard to determine whether the evidence against them was captured illegally. I will defend your rights and protect your freedom, whether that means taking your case to trial, resolving the case through plea negotiations or possibly having the charges dismissed. I can’t guarantee what will occur in any particular case, but I will strive to tell my client’s side of the story.

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