Accused Of Sexual Misconduct But Not Yet Charged?

Being accused of a crime can lead to some serious charges, especially if you are accused of sexual assault. If you are facing these allegations, you should not sit around and wait for the accuser’s lawyer or the police to contact you. It is important that you are proactively taking the steps to defend yourself. Getting an aggressive lawyer who is ready to defend your individual liberty should be your first step if you are accused of a crime like this.

My firm, the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, in Overland Park is committed to defending the rights of our clients no matter the charges. We offer experienced criminal defense even in high-stakes cases.

Why You Need Legal Counsel If You Have Been Accused Of A Sex Wrongdoing

If you have not been charged but have been accused of any type of sex crime, whether it is assault, harassment or anything in between, it is important to hire a lawyer right away.

Even if the accusation is from alleged events of a long time ago, you will still want to talk with a lawyer about the best plan of action. Have you been named in clergy misconduct or #MeToo-style allegations from the past? I will help you understand the possible criminal charges you may be facing, as well as help with any publicity issues or reputation issues. It is important to get out ahead of the situation before you are charged, if possible.

It is also important to avoid talking to law enforcement about these accusations before you consult with a lawyer. Anything you say may harm your case outcome. Police investigators are notorious for extracting damaging statements. You may get caught in a trap when answering questions and say something that will work against your best interests.

It is also very important that you not discuss these accusation with anyone else before seeking legal counsel. Any minor detail may be used to build a case against you.

If You Have Been Accused Of A Sex Crime, You Need A Lawyer Immediately

Anyone who has been accused of a crime as serious as sexual misconduct needs an aggressive attorney by their side. You can contact me online or call my office at 913-826-6229 for a free consultation. All communication is confidential. We accept all forms of credit cards.