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Indoor Gardeners' Home Unfairly Raided

Their only crime was growing a garden in their basement. Authorities raided the home of two former CIA employees in Leawood, Kansas, last year after discovering that the family had purchased hydroponic growing equipment. Officers reportedly suspected that the family was growing marijuana and committing other drug crimes in their home, based on hydroponic equipment purchases from hardware stores and other sources. Now, the couple is seeking legal relief by suing under the Kansas Open Records Act to determine exactly why they were unfairly targeted in this multistate drug bust.

Chiefs' assistant coach charged with DUI

A local sports organization is under even more scrutiny after the arrest of an assistant coach for alleged DUI. The man faces drunk driving charges in connection with an incident that occurred on Dec. 23, according to authorities, when he was arrested after failing roadside sobriety tests. The news is just another item in the long list of unfortunate events that have befallen Kansas City Chiefs team leaders since early December, when one of the team's players killed himself in front of the coaching staff.

Third man sentenced in Kansas City Brinks armed robbery

A third man has been sentenced in connection with the robbery of a Brinks security truck. In the incident, three young men fled with money intended for an ATM at the Bank of America branch on Main Street in Kansas City. The third man, 22, is expected to spend more than 13 years in federal prison because of his involvement in the crime.

50-year-old man pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter

A 50-year-old man pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter last week in connection with the July 4 shooting death of an 11-year-old girl. The man, who was reportedly remorseful and in tears when surrendering to officers, pleaded guilty in exchange for a dropped charge of armed criminal action.

Police fatally shoot Kansas City man

Being accused of criminal activity or being caught committing a crime can be extremely stressful, causing some people to react in ways they normally wouldn't. The feeling of being trapped can be overwhelming for some, but staying calm and taking advantage of the right to remain silent can often help tremendously.

Are breathalyzers used in DUI cases accurate?

Are you worried about losing your driver's license for a DUI offense? If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, there is new hope. Attorneys and judges are starting to increasingly question whether the breathalyzer used by many Kansas communities gives accurate results.

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