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Leveling up not a benefit when it comes to cocaine distribution

Though many Kansas residents hope to see their lives move in a positive direction, unexpected difficulties can arise. You could have experienced a sudden turn of events that led you down a challenging path, and at the end of that path, you may have found yourself facing serious criminal charges for cocaine distribution. Because of the serious nature of such allegations, you likely worry that your life will take a negative turn.

Marijuana still a no go in Kansas

You may be following news throughout the nation regarding changes in many states' marijuana laws. Some states have legalized the recreational use of the drug while others have implemented very strict regulations that limit its use to medicinal purposes only. Even then, some states place further limitations on that particular use, such as those where using marijuana medically limits it to those with seizure disorders. If you're a Kansas resident, you may have already noticed that in this state marijuana remains illegal in all circumstances.

How you can fight back against federal drug charges

Criminal charges of any kind can have a serious impact on your life here in Kansas, but they are particularly serious if they are felony charges. If convicted, you could be facing penalties that include time in prison and expensive financial penalties. If charged with federal drug charges of any kind, a conviction is not your only option.

Probation violations puts your freedom on the line

After your conviction, you may have felt happy to receive probation as your sentence. Instead of going to jail, you remained free to continue working, spending time with your family and living your life. Of course, there were restrictions, and the judge likely explained them at your hearing. In fact, you may have heard about those restrictions numerous times from your probation officer or others.

Search and seize defense options to try to avoid conviction

Let's say you borrow a jacket from a friend and are wearing it when a Kansas police officer pulls you over in a traffic stop. No big deal, right? Well, that depends. What if the police officer says he or she noticed your vehicle drifting from side-to-side in your lane and asks you to step outside your car for a few moments? Still no big deal, right?

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