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How you can fight back against federal drug charges

Criminal charges of any kind can have a serious impact on your life here in Kansas, but they are particularly serious if they are felony charges. If convicted, you could be facing penalties that include time in prison and expensive financial penalties. If charged with federal drug charges of any kind, a conviction is not your only option.

Some of the most common federal drug charges are those relating to the cultivation and manufacturing of drugs. Manufacturing includes any involvement in the process of producing drugs, including selling the materials, providing the equipment and helping with the actual production of the drugs.

The elements of a criminal case for drug manufacturing

You could be facing incredibly serious criminal charges, but that does not necessarily mean that a conviction will follow. In order to successfully prove that you are guilty of participating in the production or manufacturing of illicit drugs, the prosecution must prove the following:

  • Possession of the drug or the elements required to manufacture the drug
  • Intent to manufacture

For example, simply having a product sometimes used in various drug production processes may not be enough for a conviction if law enforcement searches your personal property. The prosecution must be able to prove that you had the intent to use that product in an illegal manner.

Serious penalties for serious crimes

Drug cultivation and manufacturing is a serious crime, and a conviction comes with life-altering penalties. You would greatly benefit from taking your current situation seriously and taking the appropriate steps to build a strong defense. With help, you may be able to avoid time behind bars or serve less time, secure lesser financial penalties and more. From probation to loss of your personal freedoms, there is much at stake.

A serious criminal defense is the best way to combat federal criminal charges. Even if you do not believe that the prosecution's case is strong or that the government will be able to prove intent, you could benefit from understanding how to defend your interests in the best way possible.

 When much is on the line, experience counts

Federal drug charges can change the direction of your life. Regardless of the details of your individual situation, you always have the right to defend yourself and pursue the best possible outcome to your case.

There is no time to lose. As soon as possible after your arrest for drug manufacturing or cultivation, you can seek to understand the evidence against you and determine how you can effectively confront these charges.

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