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Probation violations puts your freedom on the line

After your conviction, you may have felt happy to receive probation as your sentence. Instead of going to jail, you remained free to continue working, spending time with your family and living your life. Of course, there were restrictions, and the judge likely explained them at your hearing. In fact, you may have heard about those restrictions numerous times from your probation officer or others.

A judge who imposes terms of probation intends to offer you a fair deal. You live by these rules, and you stay out of jail. This may have been a great relief to you, especially if you have loved ones who depend on you. Nevertheless, you now face accusations of having violated the terms of your probation.

What happens next?

The terms of probation vary depending on the circumstances of your arrest and conviction. You may be on probation for up to three years although sometimes the term is longer. Some of the terms of your probation may include:

  • Avoiding certain people or places, especially those associated with the crime of which the court convicted you
  • Remaining within state lines unless your PO authorizes otherwise
  • Avoiding any contact with illegal drugs
  • Showing up for regular meetings with your PO and any scheduled court dates
  • Paying any fines or restitution the court has ordered

Of course, if police arrest you for another crime while you are on probation, this may also jeopardize your status.

A probation officer has many options following an alleged probation violation. Depending on the severity and frequency of the alleged violation, your PO may warn you, remind you of the consequences and give you another chance. However, if this is not the first time your PO has cited you for a probation violation, or if the alleged violation is serious, your PO may turn the matter over to the prosecuting attorney who will try to prove to the judge that you should be penalized for the violation.

Know your rights

If your PO has called you before a judge, the outlook may not be good. A judge may send you to jail to complete your sentence, add additional time to your incarceration, levy a fine or impose other penalties that could rob you of your freedom and opportunities. You have certain rights when you face these charges, and one of those rights is having legal counsel to represent you.

Your appearance before a Kansas judge for a probation violation is a critical moment. The judge will want to hear your side of the story, and you may only have one chance to tell it. Do you want to go through this moment alone? A dedicated criminal defense attorney will assist you in preparing for your hearing and presenting your side as clearly as possible. Your attorney will advocate for your rights and work to preserve your freedom.

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