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Juvenile criminal charges should be appropriately addressed

The juvenile justice system is a place where young people often get their first taste of having to deal with the consequences of their actions. These minors aren't necessarily bad people. Instead, they are often misguided youths who need to be guided back to the right path. The juvenile justice system can sometimes be the answer to that need.

We know that thinking of your child having to stand before a judge might be frightening. One of the first points you have to consider when your child is having to do just that is what type of issue the juvenile is having.

There are two types of cases in the juvenile justice system -- status offenses and delinquent acts. Status offenses are things that can get a juvenile in trouble that wouldn't get an adult in trouble. These are actions like not going to school or staying out past curfew.

Delinquent acts are those that would also mean trouble if an adult committed them. Thefts, drug charges, and similar acts are all considered delinquent acts, instead of criminal acts, if they are committed by a juvenile.

The juvenile court can take several different courses of action when a juvenile comes before the court. It is important to consider the possible actions when you are trying to determine a defense for the juvenile. These cases are handled in a much different manner from the adult criminal justice system, so you have to recognize the differences and move forward with a defense plan based on the specifics of the case and the court. Our law firm can help you with that.

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