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What are the different types of drug possession charges?

When you get caught with drugs in your possession in Kansas, there can be stiff penalties that you may face. The definition of drug possession is that you have in your possession (your pocket, your car, your home) a drug that is illegal, such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, LSD or even "club drugs." Did you know that if you have the ingredients to create these drugs, you can be arrested? These are called "precursor" chemicals. Small amounts mean the drug is going to be made just for you, having a lot of the ingredients means that you may be going to sell or distribute.

Kansas has laws that prohibit the use of illegal drugs and the terms can range from a misdemeanor for a small amount of marijuana to felony arrest for trafficking heavier drugs. These charges can find you doing jail time and paying a large fine. Of course, the prosecutor has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you knew that the drugs were illegal and that you weren't supposed to have them.

If you have control over the drugs, your charges can be steep. If they are in your car or even a car that doesn't belong to you but you have keys to this vehicle, you are said to be in "constructive possession" of this drug. When you have a small amount of an illegal drug, this is called simple possession. If you have a lot of the drugs that are considered illegal, this is called possession with intent to distribute.

You can easily see that if you are caught with illegal drugs, you may need to have legal representation in order to mitigate the charges or have them dropped. This attorney will be able to follow the chain of evidence and ensure that the person who handled it, is someone who properly signed on the dotted line and has the authority and reason to handle it.

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