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Defending against accusations of white collar crime

Often, white collar crime is a bit tricky to pin down, as it's not as clear and obvious as other types of crime. Even the FBI describes it as lying, stealing and cheating. This is a pretty broad definition that encompasses a lot, and it leaves the door open for a lot of interpretation.

For example, miscommunications or incomplete records could lead to accusations of white collar crime. Perhaps your only boss is the chief executive officer of the company, and he told you to take money out of company accounts to use for a specific project. You didn't get it in writing because you figured it wasn't a big deal and he was in charge of the whole operation.

However, the government could see this action and think you were removing it from the accounts for tax purposes, to lower the earnings and hide the money. If the CEO forgot to note to those in charge of the taxes that this money had been unexpectedly moved, they may even have filed the tax paperwork as if that money didn't exist. They weren't supposed to, but it was easily overlooked.

You can see how this appears. From your side, it's a very easy misunderstanding that shouldn't be hard to clear up. From the government's side, your explanation just sounds like an excuse after you got caught trying to skip out on the company's taxes.

It can all get very complicated, so it's important to know exactly what legal options you have in Kansas City. To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself in the face of these allegations, please visit our site now.

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