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How to handle a police stop

If you asked someone if they enjoy getting stopped by the police, chance are that they will say no. There may be a few that say that they don’t mind, but don’t take solace in their statements. They’re lying to you. Getting stopped by the police is generally an unpleasant experience, even if you don’t end up with a ticket. But with how careful officers are these days, there is no fault in knowing how to handle a stop so that you can avoid additional legal issues.

This post will provide some helpful tips.

Don’t make sudden moves – The old cliché from cop shows actually has some use. Keep in mind that police officers are trained to see sudden moves as a threat to their safety, which means that they have to react and protect themselves by using force. So if you must reach for something, ask the officer if you can do so first.

Keep your eyes on the officer – When interacting with people, eye contact is key. Remember that police officers are trained to look at a person’s eyes because they will tell the officer whether the person is drunk, impaired by marijuana or other drugs or whether they are lying. Looking away or not making eye contact may be seen as you having something to hide.

Show respect – Indeed, you may not like being stopped, but being rude or difficult may not make the encounter any easier. Besides, being disrespectful can lead to other unanticipated issues. So keep your cool and meet any hostility with charm and candor. 

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