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Don't face a Kansas City probation revocation alone

Getting a probation or diversion program revoked is obviously a serious matter that could result in the courts reinstating the probationer's original jail sentence. There are many reasons such a revocation can occur including a new arrest, failing to show up for a meeting with the diversion or probation officer, failing a drug or alcohol test and several others.

What those on probation may not understand is that the Kansas court system must engage the probationer in several due process procedures before it can legally revoke the diversion or probation agreement. For example, the revocation cannot proceed unless the probationer has received a notice regarding the revocation. Additionally, the courts must schedule a hearing about the matter in which the probationer can participate by offering personal testimony and witness testimony.

While the probationer does not enjoy as many rights as he or she had during the initial criminal trial, he or she is allowed to confront any witnesses testifying for the state. The person facing revocation can also invoke his or her right to have a neutral hearing body. The courts must also provide a written account of why a revocation is occurring.

For these reasons and many others, it is important to go into a revocation procedure with legal assistance. In this way, the probationer is assured that his or her rights remain protected and has a greater chance of avoiding the reinstatement of a jail term or other sentence.

If you are enrolled in a diversion program or are currently on probation in Kansas and have received a revocation notice, it is important to act quickly to preserve your rights. We invite you to browse our criminal defense website for further advice about having your probation or diversion revoked.

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