Overland Park Federal Child Pornography Lawyer

Facing charges for child pornography possession means you need someone in your corner who is absolutely and unquestionably dedicated to defending you and protecting your best interests. My firm in Overland Park, the Law Office of James M. Brun, LLC, devotes its entire practice to defending the rights of people facing criminal charges tenaciously across a broad spectrum of some of the most serious charges allowed in our criminal justice system.

I take it upon myself as your attorney to make sure your voice is heard during this process, even if, and especially if, others would prefer you to be silent. Over the years, I have aggressively fought to protect my clients' rights and freedom. I can do the same for you.

Defending You Against These Devastating Charges

Federal charges for the possession of child pornography involve a number of considerations that are different from normal state criminal defense cases. First of all, the federal and state criminal justice systems are two separate systems with their own sets of laws and procedural rules. More important, the federal system involves more severe sentencing guidelines. I understand both.

Further, I have experience on both sides of the fence. I have interned with the St. Louis Metropolitan Sex Crimes Unit and have also served as chief counsel at a well-respected school district. I know how the other side thinks, as a result, and I put this knowledge to work for my clients every day.

I place special importance on being available to my clients. To that end, I provide them with my direct cellphone number. That way, they can call me immediately when they realize they need professional advice from an experienced lawyer.

Contact A Federal Child Pornography Defense Attorney

To schedule a free initial consultation with my office, please call me at 913-826-6229. You can also contact me online. All communications remain confidential. My firm accepts credit cards.